EconoBoost is an online loyalty membership platform that boosts local economies through consumers, participating businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

It is our mission to make a measureable monetary and altruistic impact in the lives of those individuals, businesses, and charities throughout the world. We strive to change lives with a business mind and a charitable heart.

It pays to be loyal. With an EconoBoost membership consumers can continue to purchase goods and services from businesses they love, but with the luxury of exclusive discounts and other unique perks every time they walk through the door, all while financially supporting their favorite cause.

Bargain hunting for the deal of the day will be a thing of the past!

For Consumers For Businesses For Nonprofits

Become a Boosting Member

You can help boost your local economy by purchasing a monthly membership to your favorite spots. Not only will you aid in the sustainability of those businesses, you’ll also get to designate 10% of your monthly membership cost to a nonprofit organization of your choice. And to top it all off… you’ll save money, get cool perks, and boost your ego in the process.

Enter your email and location, and we’ll let you know when we launch in your area so you can become an EconoBooster.

Become a Participating Business

Businesses that participate in the EconoBoost program will benefit financially with recurring monthly revenue, as well as from sales when customers redeem their membership level. They will also be able to identify their brand loyal customer base, and further promote their business through their own specific landing page on EconoBoost.

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Become a Benefiting Nonprofit

Charitable giving will be a huge emphasis with EconoBoost. With each membership purchase, customers will be able to select from a list of local charities/nonprofit organizations that they want to support. When they select what organization is most near-and-dear to them, 10% of the monthly membership cost will go towards that fund.

Enter your nonprofit organization’s information below to be contacted about becoming an official beneficiary of EconoBoost